Colossal Hemp Paper Drinking Straws

This Product is currently under development and will be available soon


Hemp Paper Straws are the most environmentally responsible choice. When serving your customer’s beverages with the

8 1/2″  Colossal Hemp Wrapped Paper Straw.

This straw is a great alternative to plastic straws that remain in the environment for hundreds of years. Whether used at a restaurant, cafe, or concession stand, your patrons will be sure to appreciate your environmental consciousness and effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Colossal Size

Use these straws for thicker drinks such as smoothies, milkshakes, bubble tea, and slushies. Due to their colossal size, these thicker liquids are easily able to pass through the straw without it getting clogged. The straws allow your customers to enjoy every last drop of their delicious beverages.

Hot and Cold Use

This straw is also versatile and can be used for both hot beverages as well as cold. This prevents you from having to purchase multiple temperature specific straws.