Eco-Friendly Consumers

If you’re an eco-friendly consumer, encourage restaurants, businesses, and even peers to use only paper straws.

  • Hemp Paper drinking straws are a sustainable alternative solution to harmful plastic straws.

  • Made in the USA made from a proprietary equal blend of natural hemp and post-consumer paper fiber, These durable straws help reduce plastic & bio plastic pollution

What can you do?

  • Refuse plastic straws at restaurants.

  • Ask for Hemp Paper Straws at your favorite restaurants.

  • Purchase our Made in the USA Hemp Paper Straws.

  • Talk to your friends about the harmful effects of plastic pollution.

  • Join a local advocate to help support plastic pollution awareness.

  • We suggest restaurant owners and employees only offer a Hemp Paper Straw if a customer specifically requests one.

  • Hemp Straw Company Inc. found that companies that offer straws on demand reduce straw consumption by 40%, diminishing the increased cost of switching to Hemp Paper Straws and allowing restaurants to save money while saving the planet.

  • This allows businesses to reap the marketing rewards of going green without a hit to the bottom line.