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Starbucks has officially abandoned straws in favor of sippy cup lids … well, mostly

Jazmin Goodwin, CNN Business   Starbucks has announced that it plans on phasing out all plastic straws from its 28,000 stores worldwide by 2020. Some of its drink cups will be fitted with special flat plastic lids that can be used without straws. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) SOURCE: Justin Sullivan Starbucks is finally ditching straws and ushering in its long-awaited “sippy cup” lids for iced beverages. After announcing in July 2018 that it would begin phasing out plastic straws from all its stores by 2020, the modified plastic lid with a drinking spout is now making its official debut.

Plastic Pollution Critical Threat to Florida Sea Turtles

Two scientists, David Duffy and Catherine Eastman, at the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience and Sea Turtle Hospital at the University of Florida, wrote an article on EcoWatch about the ubiquity of plastic in the oceans and the harm it brings to sea turtles. Turtles face a variety of threats, including conservation or climate change, but plastic is a critical threat to turtle populations and habits. In a recently published article, Duffy and Eastman expose the danger of plastic to turtles. “However, it’s becoming increasingly hard to ignore evidence that plastic pollution poses a growing, hidden threat to the health of endangered sea turtles, particularly our youngest patients. In a newly

Watch “The Sea Turtle with a Straw in its Nostril – No To Single Use Plastics

THE FULL STORY: My research team found a male olive ridley sea turtle during an in-water research trip in Costa Rica. He had a 10-12 cm PLASTIC STRAW lodged in his nostril. After initially thinking that we are looking at a parasitic worm, and trying to remove it to identify it, we cut a small piece off to investigate further and finally identified what we were REALLY looking at. After a short debate about what we should do we removed it with the plier of a swiss army knife which was the only tool available on our small boat (not