Hemp Paper Straws

Our straws are made from a proprietary equal blend of natural hemp and post-consumer paper fiber. Our organic hemp plants regenerate every three months, making hemp fiber the most sustainable resource-responsible plant on our planet. our plain white straws, Hemp Paper Drinking straws are available for wholesale and individually wrapped straws in bulk. Hemp paper Straw company Inc.  Makes Hemp Paper Straws to use instead of a plastic one because it is eco-friendly product. These Hemp Paper Straw are made of by using only FDA compliant, food-grade materials, and are marine degradable and compostable. It takes 200 years for a single plastic straw to break down.

Compostable Paper Straws

Whether you are supplying large smoothie straws or smaller cocktail paper straws, there is an eco-friendly straws option for you to be found at Hemp Paper Straw Company Inc. It’s no wonder the Hemp Paper Straw movement is growing – with so many options, anything you need can be found, ordered, and in your business this week.

Hemp Paper Straws Made in the USA

We provide guaranteed free, shipping on in-stock items, so there is no waiting around for your Hemp Paper Straws bulk order — it is there, on time when you need it. We currently ship from the Midwest to anywhere across the nation, Once your customers find out your company is helping to save our planet with one of the most resource responsible plants on the planet. We know your customers will be happy and stay happy with your choice of straws.

Hemp Paper Products

All of our paper products we supply are made in the USA, FDA approved, BPI certified, and durable and long-lasting. Our Hemp Paper Straws hold up in drinks and break down as compost when recycled. You can have both durability and environmentally-friendly in your compostable straw options, just our straw a try and we are sure that you will find our straws will work best for your business. We supply Hemp Paper Straws to a variety of food businesses, including catering companies, hospitals, cafes, bars, restaurants, and more. No matter what you need, we have the perfect style to enhance your customer’s dining experience.  All while being eco-friendly.

straws used every year

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Marine Animals Killed

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Six Reasons to Switch to Hemp Paper Drinking Straws

500 Million

Many people do not know that 500 million plastic straw are used in just the United States every day. Our goal is to change that and save our planet

No Trees were Harmed

Not a single tree was cut down during the making of the Hemp Paper Straws.
We use hemp to make the paper that makes the straws .

Hemp Breathes in CO2

Hemp is the miracle plant of our time, breathing in 4x the carbon dioxide (CO2) of trees during its quick 12-14 week growing cycle. Trees take 20 years to mature vs 4 months for Industrial Hemp!

100% Compostable

A plastic straw will never go away, our straws will start to break down after about 90 days, if somehow they end up in the ocean they will become food for many fish and will not kill them.


Our Straws have been proven to last longer and stronger than many of the paper straws on the market today. They will not get soggy and any beverage

Water Conservation

Hemp farming uses very little water, about half as much as cotton.

TEDx event Highlighting Amy Ansel. Hemp holds the key to a sustainable future

The Hemp plant — marijuana’s sober cousin — is poised to revolutionize the industry by taking the place of more toxic materials and putting us on a path to a cleaner, more sustainable world, says hemp advocate Amy Ansel.

Noting the promise of hemp bioplastics that safely degrade, Ansel explains how hemp can also provide a cleaner, safer more sustainable substitute for paper, textiles, building materials, and even automobiles. From a 1500-year-old bridge in France made of hemp concrete to hi-tech autos that are lighter, stronger, and more fuel-efficient, Ansel shows us how substituting hemp industrially can dramatically reduce pollution and conserve water resources while creating safer, stronger products.

Amy Ansel had over two decades of IT program management experience at Microsoft before becoming an entrepreneur working to create a fresh and new program with purpose. She moved her attention to the industrial hemp industry, where she could employ her passion for sustainability.

She has mapped her skills and systems over the budding agricultural industry with her partner, Tanya Hart, creating various pillars serving a global agenda in sustainable economies. Amy enjoys trying new things, disruptive technologies/bio innovation, playing cards, and solving puzzles.

A native of the West Coast, Amy resides outside of Seattle and enjoys spending time with 3 kids, 1 husband and 4 pets. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.



A Sustainable Solution for Our Global Needs

Combining people, programs, and processes to

create plant-based materials to change how we create just about everything.

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